• VACANT PROPERTY: We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the job, if the property is not vacant. The customer must ensure that neither belongings, nor builders, nor pets are present in the property during the clean.
• CANCELLATIONS: If your cleaning appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, we will charge you a £60 cancellation fee. Rescheduling or cancelling your service at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment, will incur no charges.
• RUBBISH: waste removal is not included and will incur an additional charge of minimum £60.
• TIME KEEPING: If the customer is more than 15 minutes late a late fee may apply at £1/minute.
• QUOTE: The Company reserves the right to amend the initial quotation if the details you gave us about your property are incomplete or inaccurate, or should your original requirements change.
• WATER AND ELECTRICITY: The customer is to ensure that hot running water and electricity is provided and that there are no blocked drains. An additional charge of £60 will be applied if we have to unblock drains.
• OTHER: Cleaning of the ceilings, washing up, laundering, jet washing of the patios are not included. If you require these services please notify the office at the time of the booking. Normally, the price for these extra services will be confirmed on site after our team have inspected the items and reported to the office. Any such additional works must be agreed by the client and authorised by the office first and paid in full directly to the team.

1. ON THE DAY: The Client must make payment either by cash or cheque ( only for amounts more than £300) either at the start or on completion of the work. If we agree payment on completion, the customer must be able to come back to the property given 30 min notice. Please, note if the customer is more than 15 minutes late, a late fee of £1/minute may apply.
2. UPFRONT: Customers who can’t be present neither at the start of the job nor on completion, must clear their payment by BACS or debit card over the phone at least 48 hours UPFRONT. Alternatively, Cash payment can be left in an envelope at a specified location in the property – company staff must be advised with all necessary details.

We guarantee our services will be of professional standard- e.g. without traces of previous use, e.g. clear of cooking grease, limescale, hairs, finger prints, soap residue, domestic dust.
Should there be any faults, our cleaners will return to rectify them, provided there are no issues beyond our control, for example:
• restricted or unsafe access;
• shrinkage of the carpets that are poorly fitted;
• failing to remove permanent stains and spillages;
• third party entering or using the customer’s premises during or after the cleaning process

We are responsible and insured to make good any damages caused by accident or professional mistake. However, we will refuse responsibility if the condition for damage to happen pre-existed and we were not informed:
• shrinkage of the carpets which are suitable for wet cleaning but poorly fitted;
• any fittings to the walls or ceilings with loose plugs;
• items with existing cracks or previously glued.