We can’t do miracles, but we are very close!

Why have your carpets cleaned?


  • Remove deep down dust and soil
  • Remove  Spots,  Stains and Traffic Lanes
  • Remove skin cells and organic materials which feed microorganisms
  • Remove pollens and allergens tracked into the home from outdoors
  • Eliminate mould spores, dust mites and bacteria by sanitizing
  • Your  home is healthier and more hygienic (imagine a hard floor if only ever vacuum cleaned!)
  • Improve the appearance of even the oldest carpets by lifting the carpet pile
  • Increase the life expectancy of your carpets
  • Neutralize smells of cooking and damp.

IGK will:

  • Use 100% biodegradable solutions that are safe for your children & pets
  • Treat your home with care & respect!
  • Undertake Pre-treatment survey to ensure the most appropriate method/solutions are used.
  • Prepare the carpet by vacuuming by hand and brushing off the hairs, dust and lint.- Good and patient preparation is the hardest part of the job, but is extremely important!
  • Pre-treat any stains before the main cleaning solutions are applied.
  • Apply the solutions allowing dwell time before fresh water extraction.Use the latest powerful extraction machines giving a deep clean, powerful enough to extract the majority of water used – leading to a faster drying time, often within 2 to 3 hours. However, the drying time depends on the wool content of the carpet and the level of soiling.
  • Protect your carpet from furniture staining by using foil tabs.
  • Groom your carpets to leave the pile correct.